Baking Kit Boxes and Baking Gifts

What’s in your baking kit subscription boxes?

Our Baking kits are sent with all the ingredients pre-weighed and measured with a baking instruction card included. It is very simple to follow to ensure that the bake is perfect every time. All you need to get are items that we can’t post such as eggs, butter, milk and fresh fruit etc.

What else is included in the brownie subscription?

Other than lots of Chocolate?! In our Brownie subscription boxes we include a foil backed baking parchment so that you do not need a brownie tin, we do recommend that it is placed on a baking sheet though just in case!

What else is in the Muffin Subscription?

Our muffin baking kit boxes include tulip muffin cases so the final bake have a coffee shop muffin look.

Looking for a gift for a food lover?

If you are looking for a food related gift, then our baking subscriptions are perfect for a real foodie. We can include a gift message and gift wrap the first baking kit as well just select the options at the checkout.

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